The abuse of 14-year-old Kavaja by 8 schoolmates, who shook all public opinion this week, continued this Saturday with the daughter's testimony at the Durrës court. The minor is called to confess the horrors he has experienced for four months in a row. At the Prosecution's request, the court decided to secure the lawsuit, hence the question of the injured party, whose testimony would be used as evidence in the proceedings against the eight defendants or other persons who may be implicated in the shocking crime.

This investigative action was made to avoid any possible attempts to threaten the injured person, to withdraw from the testimony, and because of the age, the traumas that the child passed, which could dim the memory. The hearing on the 14-year question lasted about 3 and a half hours and in some cases the court was forced to terminate it after the concerns expressed by the abuser.

As Balkanb writes, in her testimony, the minor reported her statements to the police as well. The interrogation hearing was also monitored by the defense lawyers of the boys, who are already behind the bars. The girl and her parents knocked on police doors on January 29, after being abused by a group of boys who blackmailed her with an intimate video.