The age of the brain is a relative term. Like the age of your soul, it can not be the same as your biological age. Below we invite you to take part in this fun game, answering these 4 questions that seem light but not so.

What is the common mistake of having these photos?

How will you call this tree?

In 5 seconds?

Which line is longer?

1-You probably think the error lies in the upside-down pictures, but not. The eyes and lips of both girls are overturned, but our brain does not catch it immediately.

2-If you notice the camouflaged bird on the tree, you have fulfilled the challenge regardless of the name you have chosen. If you have not found it, take a close look at finding the bird.

3-The error is that the word "find" which appears twice.

4-Line Is Of course it's Longer. Do you think it was too easy to be true? Sometimes we also doubt the things we know for sure, so this little provocation.