Who does not want a face without wrinkles, but without cost and without interference? All we love, but what you need to know is just the thing: egg whites. It's very true! The egg white can well imitate facial lifting because it keeps the face drawn, cleanses, strengthens and soothes the fine marks of the wrinkles.

The benefits of egg whites are incalculable, but its use is as simple as anything else in the home.

First, divide the white from the yellow. As soon as you remove the egg whites in a bowl, start to shake it with the fork, just as you mix it when making scrambled eggs. Once the white foam has been created (not completely), start spreading it in the face and hold it for about 10 minutes.

Then rinse with warm water. After washing, you can put a mask on your face such as an avocado that helps to moisturize the skin, minced potatoes if you have redness or irritable skin, but also an apple (an extraordinary natural exfoliant).

One more reason to love the egg, right?