The "Bridge View" appearance of many years ago still remains today not only one of the best accomplishments of Albanian theater, but also a very important work for actress Olta Gixhari, who, if he did not play in a drama like she, today it might not be Olta we all know. "The Bridge View" has greatly influenced the fame of Olta Gixhari, but the choice that her professor Timo Flloko did for the work had nothing to do to influence her sympathy for her. Of course, between Professor and renowned director Vera Grabocka, Olta will not choose 'what more', but if that is the case, she is not afraid to accept it openly.

Invited today at "The Sun" in front of Edi Manush in "The Corner of Truth", after asking who loves it more, Timo Flock or Vera Grabocka, Olta replied: " I know who I want more ..." and since he harassed Manush the next question, Olta said, "I love both, but it's hard to resist Vera Grabock's magical energy."