A series of insulting messages about Instagram's girlfriend has accompanied profile profiling of the renowned actor of "Orange" Rezart Veleshnja throughout the day. All followers are surprised by the most frustrating statements of the girlfriend that the "actor" wrote in his Instastory. Initially, it was a talk in Whatsapp and then dedications and insults to the girl who is now his ex-girlfriend. The resume shows that he has discovered that his former partner had betrayed him, and he even held 4 links at a time. He has not been reluctant to name the name almost in every post, even tagging them, thus developing a "public court" along with the followers who supported him.

But a few minutes ago, Rezi has deleted all these posts, and explained the situation. The inscription said his Instagram site was hacked and he did not know anything, as he was on a 13-hour trip to Washington.

" I do not know who did this job, they did some photos, they did this game, but we will find it and this time we will go to the prosecution. It does not happen anymore, I do not understand the interest of these people. Now I'm looking at some things and the big shame is. By taking people to get some like or to attract attention, I can not understand it, "he said.