Scientists are convinced: our feelings and the logic of developing love are closely related to the biochemical processes in our bodies. Even if we would like this passionate, passionate feeling to last forever, our body would not be able to withstand it.Bright Side discovered that love fades over time, but we will come to our aid saved.

We experience euphoria fall into love

Scientists believe that passion-induced euphoria has much to do with the feeling that people are dependent on drugs. This effect occurs because the brain and kidney glands produce hormone noradrenaline. This same hormone is produced after taking cocaine or heroin. A person who has fallen in love feels the need to meet their partner more and more because they want to experience this feeling as much as possible.

Why can not love last forever?

During evolution, human beings needed the struggle for survival. It would be difficult for our ancestors to look after children, find food and protect themselves if they were alone. The feeling of falling in love helped couples to stay together for the sake of their child's survival. And as the baby grew up, that feeling disappeared.

In less than 3 years, nerve endings become almost insensitive to the production of these hormones. Also, hormones themselves are produced at a much lower concentration. The brain function becomes stable, begins to work regularly and hormones stop the stimulation of the couple's emotional bondage.

Do all bad connections end?

The fallback period in love is difficult for our body. A quiet pace is actually more effective for us. Scientists have found that the feeling of attachment that makes us live with our partner for a long period of time is related to oxytocin and vasopressin. The level of oxytocin increases when people embrace, have sex, kiss or just talk. So, here is the conclusion: touch and gentleness are the best way to maintain long-term relationships. And do not forget to keep up the opportunity to hear, to express your gratitude, to reach compromises, to overcome conflicts, and to walk together.