Our choices determine us, however irrelevant to us. This is just the way our subconscious works. Bright Side offers us this very simple test: Choose which of these people is the most "stupid" and the choice you make will show much to your personality:

# 1

You are a leader and the people around you can always rely on you, even though you have a very stubborn person. You often make decisions very soon. Try to spend a little more time thinking about your ideas.

# 2

Wisdom and emotional stability are the ones that determine you. However, sometimes you try to shift responsibility for things over others. You are a kind person and sometimes those around you feel tempted to take advantage of you.

# 3

Want to dream, but your dreams are very daring. Yet in some ways you can turn them into reality. People often think that your ideas are very daring.

# 4

You are a very principled person with a stubborn personality. You have an opinion about everything and you are always ready to go against the system. Be careful, as you do many things for others, but forget yourself.