All people have their own habits: some bite their nails when they are stressed, some are always late. However, all these small particles determine our personality. Learning something new about yourself is not only interesting but useful as well. Even a simple look at a picture can help with that. To find out more about your personality, just answer this question: how do you view this male, profile, or face?

If you think this is a frontal photo, it means that: You see the eyes of people confidently, with no embarrassment and you can persuade people in your own words. You are open to everything that is new, you easily get the dangerous business and start implementing even more crazy passionate ideas. You are an active, gentle and sociable person. You enjoy being in the spotlight and want to live a life full of exciting events and unpredictable but pleasant turns. You need constant movement since you can not sit for a long time in one place. You have your own opinion on each issue and are ready to protect it to the end. You are an optimistic man who tries to find the best in everything. You inspire other people and upload them with your energy. Your healthy egoism does not allow you to leave your intentions. New experiences, positive emotions and adventures are essential for you to feel comfortable.

If you think this guy is photographed in the profile, that means you're a shy and humble person. It is important that you keep everything under control and always try to anticipate all possible scenarios. If something goes out of control, you become nervous. You may be confused but quickly find the calm to solve the problems and overcome the obstacles. You are about to sacrifice your interests in favor of your beloved people. You are a sensitive person whose heart is easy to hurt. By overcoming insults and unpleasant moments of life, become stronger and more stable. You try to remain positively, you enjoy deep thoughts and strive hard to understand yourself. Harmony and inner peace are important to your well-being.