Flori and Sadina Binaj are among the most affluent couples of the showbiz world. From the very beginning of their relationship to date they have known to keep alive their love and close relationship with each other and for 15 years, have countless stories to confess. Today, the couple was invited to "Rudina" at Tv Klan to show details of their love story.

Pointing to the beginnings of the relationship, the first bullying at the Lice, the motion in the movies and the love years at the university, Flori and Sadina shared with the public for the first time the secret of their happy marriage, respect and trust they had and continue to always have to each other.

Parents of both children, Krena and Glauk, Flori and Sadina did not close this part. As they told them from the Rudina studio, a little later they plan on a third child as well. But if Sadina is more eager to give a sister to Florina, it's not enough: "The good would be twins," he said laughing, adding that he would also like to be four, why not?

Krena and Glauk, apparently, will not be just two. Parents' plans are to give them at least one sister or brother.