It's not a shame to accept it. Everyone has happened to sleep without removing the makeup. No matter how annoying is the piece that cushions the pillow or the sheets, the skin is even more damaging. This is not a new thing. According to dermatologists, one of the major causes leading to rapid aging of the skin is the crumpled sleep.

What makes a lazy girl is a big and very serious mistake of the skin's falling routine: "The more you sleep without removing the lotion, the greater your skin damage," says dermatology Jeannette Graf, MD, dermatologist assistant at Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY: "Skin, like any other part of the body, at night, has a great function to rejuvenate itself. If it is blocked by makeup then it loses this It is true that in some cases, everyone falls into this mistake, but always keep in mind that the biggest damage to elasticity, shine or regeneration causes itching, "she says.

So the main dermatologist's advice is:

No night sleep without cleansing the make-up.

Even when you can not do this, use a damp paper.

Put the moisturizer of the night.