It may be the problem of all girls who feel they are not long enough and money! But, you know that there are some tricks or say golden rules that always make you reach the desired result. Here are six such that you need to pay attention and why not keep track of it!

Monitor the length
Choose skirts or dresses that stretch slightly below the knee. So your legs will look even longer. Short jackets also fit this style of clothing and this will "satisfy" your feet, waist and always your silhouette.
Relieve the fabric
When in doubt, choose garments made of thick fabrics. Because they are more comfortable, they also take lighter body shape.
Put a strap
Emphasizing your waist makes you look better, so use the straps to your advantage. Avoid elastic belts. They can be comfortable, but they add weight to your elegant "secret".
Ease the colors
Dresses are designed to make you look tall, elegant at any time and place. But you have to be careful with the colors. Choose monochromatic shades or dark panels to draw your eyes and attention from the issues and highlight your entire look.
Support yourself
Due to new technology and fabrics, shapewear is more effective and more comfortable than ever. In addition, did you know that the right set can correct a large number of your clothing ?! Be careful when choosing the size of the reels.
Get the length position
Your mother was right: Always stay right. The way you take the body position counteracts the neck, the chin and the back. So if you stand straight and with your chest in front you have done half of the work.