Mars came and every day afternoon in my gym I see myself surrounded with more and more people every day. Of course, I do not miss my company and tell me "I will come to your gym, welcome". All this because the countdowni of summer 2019 has begun, and the coats we have covered during the winter will no longer be there to "hide" the defects.

Are you going to the gym?

Before Saying "If We Need", I'll list some things that you should consider first:


Before taking the step to improve your body ask yourself why are not you happy? Nowadays the reason is not just "excessive chips", sometimes there is not a lot of pounds, but just the search for something like DICKS that motivates you ... Is this an influential person on your instagram? Is an internet photo ... or someone you know physically? Anyone you need to understand is doing this for yourself and for anyone! (Neither for your followers, momentary desires, or being part of the crowd). At first, like everyone, it is perfectly normal to find the motivation for the "sometime" mentioned above and this only in the beginning ... since your only goal should be that your motivation be your self.

REALLY REALLY: if you are looking to reach the X format of an X character that can be 2M long while you are 1.6M then I tell you now that this will NOT work, rather it will greatly influence you in reducing your motivation. Find yourself.


If the water relations are cold, then fix this problem. It is very important to hydrate your body as often as possible to have not only a fresh skin of your body and face, to sweat as much as you exercise, but it also helps you to lose weight as you will feel more fed up and you will have less room in your stomach to avoid excessive meals.

FACT: Human brain often is not able to distinguish whether you are hungry or thirsty, this leads to eating meals after meals even after you feel full, but still have the "desire" to eat yet.

This desire is REALLY true. It is recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water per day.


It is very important that you do 7-8 hours of sleep for 24 hours so that your body is recovered from exercise and accumulate the energies needed for daily activities, mind, and training. You have to consider this if you want to do this job. Adjust your agenda initially.


Do you know that if you want to lose weight, the role of food is 70% decisive while your physical activity is only 30%? This is because you lose weight means losing fat from your body, and the gym will help you a lot, but you will be creating muscular base mainly. It's logical: You are exercising your muscles, your focus is there, while burning calories you lose fat. If you exercise with weights it will be many times more effective to burn the fat of your body. (up to 6 hours after your exercise). But the role of your diet is 70% decisive, so why should you stabilize it.

This does not mean to eat below the recommended minimum calories by going to "depression" by starvation, BUT simply means REGULATION the way you eat.

· Eat what is called "healthy" for you.

· Reduce Fast Food Food Consumption (Saying and Saying)

· Reduce massively sweet and very salty products.

· Reduce canned food and snacks.

· Consume as much RAW food (gross / raw food: fruits, vegetables, etc.)

· Be mindful of all the foods you consume during the day (it helps you to control yourself),

Few, you all know what to eat out of your diet, you just have to find the will to do this. I am right?


This should NOT be overlooked because comfort is one of the major factors in your fitness in the gym. The most prestigious brand names in sportswear are always divided into the relevant "performance" and "fashion" categories, and this is not only very distinct in their material, but is easily distinguished by their own distinct logos.



· Try not to keep the phone near you that hour (for calls or messages)

· Find a song or playlist that makes you feel good at listening to the gym

· Do not spend too long periods of time between sets or exercises, since you may lose all the patience to come back again.

· Try not to go to the gym accompanied by a friend or friend who tends to keep you chatting during your exercise. Personally, I prefer to be accompanied by my headphones and music at a high rate, or perhaps by competing friends during training. The latter makes it even more entertaining and intense.


· How many gr / kg do you want to miss this month?

· How many times a week you will be ready to go throughout the month.

· Measure at the beginning of each month

· Also a good idea is to save body photos to see your progress.

· I would suggest setting goals for improving your diet at the point. (Example: This month I will try not to consume sugar, sugar-free, or have only 2-3 cheat days)


Do not have high expectations never. Allow yourself to surprise the results month after month and this will make you more and more motivated. You will not get a super muscular body or lose fat when you close your eyes for the summer if you decide to enter the gym in April or March. But, the latter can not be impossible. It all depends on your plausibility. That is why the less expectation the more pleasure you will get from the results, and if that is not the case, you have wronged somewhere.

And a tip ... do not spend much time in front of the mirror while judging your body, it does not help you.

BONUS TIP: Perhaps I'll just add a little advice and leave it there ... Do not create jealousy for the body of other people, inspire them.

"The only thing you can always improve is YOURSELF"

LOYALTHY by Adela Osmani