Tomorrow night is the third night and the little adventurers of the Peter Pan ship took the hand of journalism, and they are not even too embarrassed to ask sparking questions about the invited characters. James, in his own words still unclear, has made the public himself since the first night, but Deoni, Vivien, Amaris, Edelina and everyone else are just as willing to sting anyone who sits in front of them.

But who will be in the trap of the ship this week?

Irma Libohova

The great singer of the scene that not only does not know age, but does not even know the break from the scene. Since its inception on the festival stage to date, Irma counts with dozens of songs of faith still singing by its younger generation. The protagonist of the year-end festivals, the winner of many prizes, chosen for many holidays and family joys, lives today with and for the song. Lullaby's grandmother will certainly share the sweet story with her granddaughter and the time she shares with her children and the public. Do not miss Irma tomorrow ...

Bes Kallaku

He was only 18 when he became part of the screen and the spectacle of "Orange" humor. For years he has been testing some characters with which he will later be identified. After a decade in "Orange", Besi became part of "B & E Caffee" at Tv Klan, along with Erion Isa and Olsi Byluk.

Also, Besi has proved himself in the song. Some of his collaborations with famous scene singers, such as Klajdi Haruni, Ylli Baka etc., are among the most popular and popular songs of the clubs. Now that he has become a father, Besi has many stories to tell about his daughter, Ajka, and Jensila as a mother. Certainly, even for Besa, the children have reserved some sparking questions.