If your dream is to eat cakes without gaining weight, then you should definitely know these tricks ... Everyone of us actually wants this, the fact of enjoying the favorite dessert without wondering about the extra pounds. Some are fortunate because they have fast metabolism, and others have to consume them moderately, otherwise they risk their physique.

In fact, excessive sugar intake is not at all healthy for the body. However, eating uncooked sweets is possible if proper sweets are so consumed ... You should choose the ingredients. Avoid all those industrial cakes or otherwise rich in sugar, refined flour and butter as desired. The best method is to prepare them at home and select the right ingredients!

Choose wheat flour or at least not refined; try to replace the milk with the skimmed milk. Instead of white sugar, select honey in smaller quantities or other types of sweet foods. If you want a chocolate dessert, choose low-fat cocoa or extra-black chocolate with 70% cocoa. Moreover, chocolate is also very good for your health! Try to replace butter with seed oil; as well as avoid consuming excessive creams. In this way, you can prepare some delicious cakes with light and no fat ingredients and sugars. Rule number 1 to eat cakes without gaining weight is to learn to check yourself: a tiny piece is always the best choice!