An average-income person drinks about 9.5 liters of alcohol a year, according to statistics. This person is not addicted to alcohol, simply consuming it with friends when it comes to weekends. There are also those who consume a glass of wine before sleeping to relieve stress. However, do you know what happens in a man's body if he does not consume alcohol for 28 days? Is there any change in your appearance and health if you do not consume alcohol for 4 weeks? The answer is simply "YES".

First Week

Oxygen grows. Humans consuming alcohol eat more. When they stop drinking, they want food. So, it is good to replace the juice and fruit food after the drink is stopped. The desire for sweet foods can grow. Alcohol, especially the sweet type, may increase blood sugar levels, which can create sugar cravings. But different people have different reactions and some have a drop in sugar levels. This is especially dangerous for people with diabetes.

It is difficult to sleep after you have drunk. This is also true for people who drink only one glass before bedtime. Alcohol can really make you sleep fast, but you will not sleep well. Sleep is not profound and you can not even have anxiety. In some cases people may also have headaches, a sign of the changes taking place in the body, such as detoxification from alcohol.

The second week

The liver begins to recover. When people drink alcohol regularly, liver cells die and scars appear in their place. The body can be cured, but it is a very slow process. The less a person drinks, the sooner their healing will be.

Another strong motivator may be the difference in skin color. Alcohol interrupts blood circulation leading to lack of oxygen in the skin. As a result, alcohol makes the skin dry that leads to the appearance of pigment spots and early wrinkles.

Third week

By the third week, apparent signs of alcohol (such as dark circles under the eyes and facial swelling) disappear. This is because the urinary system can function properly now.

It's easier to wake up in the morning. When a person is a bit drunk, they enter a deep sleep phase immediately leaving aside the initial stages. And when the concentration of alcohol in the blood falls, sleep is not deeper and people wake up more often. As soon as alcohol completely drains from the system, their sleep cycle turns out to be natural, making it easier to awaken.

Drinking reduces the production of saliva that affects the condition of the teeth. So if you do not drink alcohol, you have a lower risk of tooth damage and your tooth enamel becomes stronger.

Alcohol not only kills, but also receptors of taste and sense of smell. Over time, the ability to smell and taste recovers.

Fourth week

If a person is overweight, body mass decreases dramatically. The decline is individual, but averages 6-8 pounds per month. The longer a person does not drink, the more weight they will lose. Alcohol increases blood pressure. If this happens very often, there is a risk of developing hypertension. People who do not drink alcohol do not have this situation so frequent. And in addition, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease decreases dramatically.

The skin becomes much cleaner. Acne and irritation disappear. Mostly this is because the balance of water in the body normalizes and likewise the blood circulation.

People have a clearer mind and work more efficiently. This is probably the least noticeable change. However, the research results show that when drinking alcohol regularly, a person's brain just gets fewer and millions of brain cells die due to lack of oxygen. These changes are very slow, but irreversible.