Some people dream of having a small, cozy home while others want to live in a large mansion near the sea. Today, it is not difficult to realize the dream as some homes can be sold for only $ 1 and some are provided free of charge. If you think homes have only daunting prices, these are some altenatives if you do not have a lot of money. Bright Side has done some research in many countries around the world, where you can buy a home for 2 cents or for free!

Sambuca, Italy

Italy began a major explosion in the real estate market when it offered a large number of large homes for only $ 1. Houses are located in different villages and regions where there are few people. Many young people from all over the world agreed on the offer. Sambuca is one of the many Italian villages where there are still homes costing only $ 1. However, you should know that the new owner is obliged to make this home a beautiful place within 3 years. And the buyer is expected to spend at least $ 15,000 for the renovation.

Roubaix, France

If you like France, then the small town of Roubaix is located in north of France and is definitely for you. This city that is close to Belgium is economically viable and is developing rapidly. Local authorities just want the city to be populous and appealing to other people. In this city, you can buy a small house in the industrial district for only $ 1. The buyer must live in this home for at least 5 years and also need to invest time and money in renovations of abandoned property.

Tokyo, Japan

Even a country with overcrowding can have many empty houses! People from Tokyo are ready to give their homes for free or almost free because they just do not need them anymore. This is because of the unique superstition the Japanese have: all homes where there was a catastrophe or a crime are believed to be cursed. They think such places bring bad luck. This superstition is widespread throughout Japan, so Tokyo is not the only city in this country where you can buy a cheap home with a ridiculous price. The Japanese even set up a special Internet market for abandoned properties called Akiya. Here you can become a free house owner or for a very small price.

Okutama, Japan

If you love nature and tranquility, there is another opportunity for you in Japan: you can live in Okutama. This is one of the many ghost towns in Japan, but incredible landscapes make this place special. Local authorities noticed the youth interest in this remote country and they devised a special program to make it more popular. There are special requirements for buyers. Only people up to 43 years of age or younger can live here. And another thing: to be the owner of a home here, you have to live at least 22 years there.

Buffalo, USA

Buffalo authorities offer anyone who qualifies to buy property for only $ 1. The program is called Urban Homestead. Such programs are common in the US, especially when it comes to giving up uninhabited lands. All you have to do is be a lawful citizen of the city, live in your new home for at least 3 years and invest a considerable amount of money in its renovations. Acting in this way, authorities hope to resemble the beautiful and inhabited city without spending much money.

Detroit, USA

Eminem's birthplace has been in an economic crisis for a long time due to unemployment, bankruptcy, criminality and so on. So few people use this as a chance to buy cheap property today. Detroit residents have lost hope that the mighty city will be reborn one day, so now they are willing to sell their homes for very little money. The problem is, that no one needs these houses except homeless people.

Liverpool, UK

The problem of uninhabited homes also exists in the UK. Despite the rapid development of the country, more and more people are moving to the capital to build successful careers. According to statistics, in the UK, 200,000 homes are empty for at least 6 months. Most of these homes were abandoned by the working class during the years of unemployment in the 1970s, 1980s and 90s. The government is trying to make people move to the suburbs of Liverpool by selling abandoned homes for only $ 1. However, the rules for buying property are quite strict. If you want to buy such a home, it should be your first purchase agreement for the property. Also, you must be a resident of the city and live in the new home for at least 5 years. In addition, you need to do the renovation according to city standards.

Candela, Italy

If you still have doubts about spending $ 1 in a home, you should know: Candela's authorities are willing to pay $ 2,000 for you if you move to their home town. The authorities made such a desperate move only to ensure that this city was not completely abandoned. In 1990, there were 9,000 inhabitants and in 2019, there are only 2,700. A large number of people fled the city seeking more opportunities. Authorities believe it is possible to return the city back to the way it used to be. In order to get paid to go to Candela, you must become a permanent resident of the city and also have an income of at least $ 7,500 a year. If you move alone, you will get $ 800 and if you go with your family, you will get $ 2,000.