Arsenal's famous footballer Mesut Özil and his fiancé, the well-known model, Amine Gülşe, will be crowning their many-year-old love for marriage this summer. According to Turkish media, the couple decided to organize not one but full three weddings, thus receiving all the network's attention.

According to reports, Amine Gülşe and Mesut Özil have planned to organize three ceremonies in Germany, Sweden (the country of the model), but another in Turkey, together with friends and relatives.

The model is very enthusiastic about the wedding ceremony, but do you know how much is the value of her dresses? Plenty of 500 thousand Turkish lira, more than 80 thousand euros. As Amine has told the media in Turkey, the wedding is very important in a couple's life, so both of them will pay attention to it:

"Marriage is very important to us. I love Messi very much. I'm not jealous at all, I trust a lot. He has never lied to me, "said the known partner model.

After a few months, ready for the big wedding of the couple, three weddings.