"Deep discussions" have become very popular lately. In essence, this is something like a philosophical conversation among friends. But today, deep discussions have become a completely new way of communication that helps people know each other better. Bright Side has found 9 interesting questions that can make your partner in the conversation involved in a discussion about things he probably never thought of before. These questions require detailed answers, so the answers "yes" and "no" will not work. And yet, there is no correct answer. But as we all know, sometimes a good question is already a response.

-Will you open an envelope that has your date of death inside? By answering this question, you can understand the level of a person's fatalism and their attitude to life in general.

-Would you be friends with yourself? Here you can understand a person's self-confidence, their strengths and weaknesses, and how interesting they are.

-If you were to see a scale on people's heads, what would you like this scale to measure? Their status in society, the level of happiness or wealth, etc. By answering this question, you will be able to understand the values and priorities of a person.

-What do you do differently from other people? Here you can understand the self-esteem of a person, their sense of humor, the level of madness, and how special their personality is.

-If your partner never finds you betrayed, would you tell her? The answer shows the moral standards of a person and their attitude towards other people.

-If women and men lived in two different planets, what would happen on both planets? Here you can understand how logical this person is.

-If you commit a crime to feed your hungry baby, are you a bad person, or have you committed a criminal offense? Again, this will show the moral standards of a person and their attitude to their family.