It was the beginning of the 2000s when the private screens had just begun to appear. There were no characters like today, no interactive interviews and programs where you can find the guest, but he managed not only to sit in front of himself, but also to reveal to VIPs a whole new, blue, publicly announced before.

Who has been following Bledi Strakoshën since his beginnings of the screen, certainly remembers the program with which he brought some sort of revolution on Albanian screens. "Blue" started broadcasting in 2003 and for many seasons it became the most popular program of late hours. Even today, after many years after it no longer appears, Bledin is all remembered and identified as "Bledi i Blue".

But that was not the case. Nearly in a similar format to "Blue", today will launch a new program that will focus on a personage that speaks of professional and personal life, emotions, as well as the unfortunate - in an interview completely different.

"With Bled" is the new project by Bledi Strakosha, who starts off tonight with an exclusive interview with Jonida Maliqi. The talk of unspoken, secret life on-screen and off-screen interviews will come to a new concept for which Bledi and program staff have been working long ago.

The whole show is designed to be built in different places: at the bar, in the gym, in the bedroom,

"With Bled" starts broadcasting at 21:00 on RTSH 2. You can also watch the live stream on YouTube.