There are many advices coming from dentists for dental treatment. There are some who think that the teeth should be washed before bedtime and others who think the teeth should be washed twice a day. Some can not conceive to sleep without brushing their teeth, others only wash them in the evening (with the idea that they did not raise anything in the night and they did not have to wash them in the morning) and others still wash them alone in the morning.

If you are in the group of people who have their routine to brush their teeth twice a day, there are some things you should know.

Not to brush your teeth at dinner is a big mistake, NO, NO. A dentist explains that going to bed without brushing your teeth "is the same as going to bed in the mouth." While analogy may seem extreme, it's true that after the meal all the bacteria are "housed" on the teeth. If you do not remove them immediately after food, they will multiply and risk tooth decay. Moreover, all acidic ingredients of foods that are not removed from the teeth are also an added risk that can affect the roots of the teeth and their cavities. Going to bed without brushing your teeth is a big mistake and as much time passes, the more damage can bring this neglect.

"The American Dental Association recommends that brushing is done at least twice a day and one of these two times should be definitely before bedtime. By removing them all the bacteria will not allow them to be accommodated in the mouth and be in danger of damaging the teeth. Dentists also recommend toothbrush after you wake up in the morning and before you sleep. But even when you are not able to do this, never leave the dental thread, which helps to clear any food residue in the mouth.