The delayed menstrual cycle may depend on several factors and in some cases should not be underestimated! Every 28 days in women expect the arrival of menstruation, not very happy, of course! However, the latter can not reach the appointed day, and therefore delays occur. The delayed menstrual cycle may depend on several factors: first, it is usually thought that you have a pregnancy in progress. In reality, this may mean something physiological or factors to worry ... Therefore, let's explore the possible causes of your menstrual cycle delay!

1. Pregnancy . The first reason we think about having a cycle delay is pregnancy. To be sure of this, it is absolutely necessary to carry out a pregnancy test and not just concentrate on pains that may be very similar to menstrual periods.

2.Stresi. Stress is an enemy to health. It can cause various injuries and may also cause delay in the menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, even in this case a stressful moment in our lives can affect our body.

3. Loss of weight. Excessive weight loss or eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia can greatly affect menstruation. Even low or otherwise unbalanced calories and healthy diets may be the cause of the delay. To be able to pay attention, it is absolutely necessary to rely on someone competent. Moreover, it is important to follow a specific diet during the menstrual cycle!

4.Menopauza. A stage of life that any woman, sooner or later, will have to live: the onset of menopause, can cause a cycle shortage or cause a delay anyway!

5. Polycystic ovarian syndrome. An endocrine disorder involving about 10% of the female population: during ultrasound examination, ovaries present small surface cysts due to polycystic ovarian syndrome.

6. Medication. Some medications may alter the onset of menstruation. Therefore, this should not cause any concern! If the cycle often tends to delay, it is absolutely necessary to contact your doctor who will be able to analyze the problem.