You surely know that Switzerland is kept alpine, trustworthy banks and many chocolates. However, you do not know some odd and crazy facts about this place. We will let you know them and if you will one day visit (you may also have visited) to know some additional information:

1-Give "East" chocolates free at the stations.

2-Horses are a means of transport in the city.

3-There are cows everywhere.

That is everywhere ...

4-It is very likely that a fox will be hiding in your toilet.

5-Dogs should "host" tickets to travel.

6-They have bus stations in the mountains as well.

7-Swiss stores have the longest corridors filled with chocolates.

8-Switzerland has some good warning signs.

9-They have the most bizarre means of transport on the planet.

10- This is how cows are transported to the Alps.

11-Public stools have cushions.