A recent study in Britain has revealed that 80 percent of mothers compare their postpartum body to the "unrealistic ideals" they see everywhere - the famous characters and the "ideal body" very few days after birth.

When a woman brings into existence a child in the movie or in the show, her belly - puuuf - is spellbound as soon as she has brought to life a baby. But, as is known in real life, this does not happen because most mothers, not only do not have the womb, but also have streaks.

In an effort to "normalize their experiences" a parental care company in Britain, Mothercare, has recently introduced a campaign in which a group of young mothers have proudly proud their body after babies' birth - wound, stripe , the swollen belly of everything. As it is in fact ...

The company said in a statement to PEOPLE that it was inspired to launch this "Body Proud Mummy" campaign after discovering from the study that more than 80 percent of mothers in Britain admitted comparing their postpartum bodies with "unrealistic ideals" , by the media and the famous.

In addition, 51 percent of mothers said they filter or change their pictures after the baby's birth, altogether changing the look that their body has.