Sometimes men think that women do not want sex just as much as they do! However, this is not the case! Even women need warmth and enjoy the paradise ...

There are 3 things that women think before or after sex and would like men to bed!

The more eye contact: The girl complains about men who do not look in the eye sufficiently. They feel neglected if men close their eyes all the time or just look at the parts of their body, which makes them think that men only love for sex!

Stay with them regardless of everything: Sex for women is often a stress relief and sometimes they can weep. Men should not judge or take personal care. You just have to stay close. Women are also unpredictable in bed.

Make yourself feel "expert" : Even women need bed valuations. Sometimes it is assumed that men are better in bed, but you should make your mood feel good by saying words to the motivators.