You may have read frequently about the benefits of physical activity at different times during the day, morning or afternoon. However, studies do not seem to have an ideal time.

According to a study this year by Northwestern Medicine scientists, muscles are more efficient during the day. What about your activity and routine of exercising?

Scientists studied tissues in the mice muscles and found that they had circadian clocks (internal cycle hours), which controls the energy and responds to metabolism based on time of day.

Rats are more active during the night, so during the testing it was discovered that their muscles were more efficient in their nightly movements, using oxygen for energy, but also for adjusting the movement.

While we people have the same genes, the study shows that our muscles should be more effective during our natural times, when we are awake and when the outside is light.

So, if you are part of a training course and high intensity, it's best to follow it during the morning and keep yoga for the night. The muscles will thank you for that.