It's easy to relieve your headache as a result of drinking plenty of coffee or nerves that you look like normal butterflies. But your body can tell you more about how much you understand about your environment and people in it.

Our bodies can sometimes tell us what our subconscious experience, but that our cognitive mind has not yet understood, according to licensed therapist Thomas Shannon. There are many people who are in abusive or toxic relationships and end up experiencing physical symptoms without obvious medical explanations. And the five possible signs in your physics that prove to you that you are in a wrong love relationship are these!

1. Feeling of fatigue

A common symptom of a bad relationship is exactly what you feel tired all the time. And usually this is the purpose of the abuser, because a tired victim is far less likely to have energy for a war and thus easier to control. Life is a forgotten feeling, mostly reflected in black eye circles or wrinkled skin. "Our environment can really poison us," says Shannon.

2. Autoimmune issues

This poisoning over time may end in immune issues such as inflammation, body aches, and skin marks. But Thomas said in about 95% of cases when clients went to doctors for these problems they came back with a clean health law. "In a toxic, hidden environment, I always connect with it to clean the poison in the water, you do not see it until you get sick," Thomas said. "We can rationalize our thoughts, we can say it's just because we're working hard, or because you have a lot of work, but the body does not know how to make these excuses."

3 . Digestive issues and hormonal changes

People in bad relationships often find that they have problems with certain foods. Thomas said this is due to all the stress and cortisol that is held inside the body. Anxiety evolves differently in different people. But the influence here has the hormones that help us escape the risk or cope with time. But if these hormones have no where to go, in theory, that means your body can begin to attack itself. The relationship may end, and the survivor is still working on his sustainability to restore where he needs physical health.

4. Problems with memory

When your mind is on high alert, always watching what you say if an argument starts, there is not much room for anything else, including memory. "I have seen many clients who have a very difficult time to read books or to process new information. When they are in the midst of abusive relationships, these functions are really tough," he said. That's because the mind is trying to process what's going on, why their partner is so cruel and manipulative and is working hard to find a solution. The problem is, the abuser is not looking for solutions. You think everyone wants harmony, but psychological abusers do not.

5. Muscle shaking

Muscle shaking is a great indication that someone has disturbed us, but we can still rationalize it as a problem. "I will encourage you to really stop and think why my body reacts in this way to this person? Maybe there is something my subconscious is observing about this person who has not come to my cognitive mind, but my body you feel it. " Do not neglect these symptoms!