We like it or not, we all have hair on the body! It's very normal and you do not mind being worried. However, if their location and quality has changed, it may be an indication of a health issue and this article will show you why. Below you can read what causes changes in hair growth and when to visit a specialist:

Let's determine the types of hair we can have:

Fine hair covering the whole body and are as thin as you can barely notice.

Thick and long hairs that are darker and begin to emerge during puberty. This type of crease develops when our body passes through serious hormonal changes and you have to keep an eye out for them.


If you have a sudden increase in thick and dark hair (resembling those of men), check out the photos of your grandmother. Despite what we have achieved with modern technology, we can not deceive genetics.

A hormonal imbalance

Sudden hair growth can be caused by an imbalance of male hormones. Both men and women have these hormones, and girls usually have them at a relatively low level and in a special relationship compared to their female hormones. If the level of testosterone increases, your body has a lot of male hormones and begins to behave according to its condition. Another situation leading to the same result is a decrease in estrogen levels, which may be a result of menopause, for example. Whatever the case, the male / female hormone profile goes out of the normal balance.

Kidney Gland Disorders

Kidney glands are located on the kidneys and if the kidneys do not function properly, the hormonal balance changes and the excessive growth of body hair is one of the biggest symptoms.

Other Symptoms of Kidney Gland Problems:


we are in weight

- very low or too high blood sugar


muscle fitness

Unusual growth of tissues

If the growth of hair on your face comes in a very unexpected way in a few months, you should go to the doctor. This dramatic increase in hair is a sign of an increase in the extreme level of testosterone and may be the result of some kind of abnormal tissue growth, even of the tumor, releasing male hormones. It's not very common, but if changes happen quickly, you should be checked. It's always better to be safer!