According to Gail Saltz, fear of aging is one of the most common phobias that people experience. The body always changes and as a result, we discover its hidden features. Doctors think that there are some changes that occur to your body and you need to know how to stay safe and healthy.

Teeth become less sensitive

Over time, our teeth become less susceptible to hot and cold food. Although it sounds like a good thing, it may in fact cause new problems. According to the American Dental Association, the nerves on your teeth may shrink when you are aging, causing lack of sensitivity.

The nose becomes bigger

On average, the body stopped growing at about 18 years of age. But some parts of the body, like the nose, continue to grow throughout your life. This is due to changes in the soft tissues, muscles and cartilage forming the nose. Unlike the bone, the cartridge continues to grow. The process speeds up to 50 and continues at the same rate for up to 60 years. Moreover, your nose can often decrease when you get older.

Eyelashes are shortened

Tiroids and allergies are the most common factors affecting the length and thickness of the eyelashes. They change inevitably as you grow up. According to some studies, 44% of men and women noticed that their eyelashes have become shorter and thinner over the years.

Libido grows

By approaching menopause, the hormonal background becomes less and less stable. Scientists claim it is a deception that is used by nature to allow women to increase their chances of becoming pregnant (reproductive function decreases and libido increases). Psychologists think that 40-year-old women enter a period of sexual liberation since their life is balanced: their children have become independent and their careers are stable.

The number of the foot increases

Orthopedists claim that the number of feet and feet becomes wider over time. This is because the ligaments are weakened. So that's why people have to buy shoes bigger than they bought years ago.