Andrra Destani, the wife of Sinan Hoxha, is a character who rarely produces more news than the famous singer himself. Although he has often spoken publicly, Sinan comes to the point that Andrra, without the slightest effort, is even more followed than on social networks, but is always a source of news.

However, when it comes to the news of pregnancy, who captured media and portals a few days ago, there is something to say about Sinan.

Invited today at "B & E Caffe" with Besi and Erion, Sinani confessed some secrets of his married life, the relationship with Adrra (never forgets that she is jealous, even beats), and discovered that when they will become parents for the second time.

The question that makes everyone curious after the first birth is 'when will a second child come into the family?' and for that, Sinan said, "When will I do other calamity? A few days ago when they wrote some of the portraits that Andrra was pregnant, they took me to ask me if the news was true: "They will have given these portals pregnant, that I still do not," he said laughing again denying the news virtually distributed: "No, still ... Very soon, why not?" said the singer cut.

Grown up in a large family, with 9 children, Sinan certainly wants a big family. With Andrew, he said he was worried about Ans. She will probably set some rules for her son, boost her "with culture," but Sinani is giving two chocolates if Ansi requires one and many others like these. Because he does not know the "rules," nor will he know about it when he recalls how congenial and happy he has grown up in a large family, with many sisters and brothers ...