As the weather has warmed significantly, we all started thinking about what we would add to the wardrobe. Of course the accessories are an important part of the look that gives the dress another dimension. Accessories in the wardrobe are never excessive, so learn which ones are you need this season. From the minimalistic style to that boho, sure you will find yourself in these trends.

Natural details
Natural details, such as those of straw, immediately give the feeling of warm weather. A straw bag would get you a lot of work, as it goes with all the colors, from the dark to the pastel ones.
Minimalist sandals
These types of sandals are one of the trends that have come back in fashion lately and if you are a fashion fan, you must definitely have them.
Transparent accessories
Transparent bags are also another return to fashion. You can choose the size as desired.
Waist bags
These bags were last year's trend that even this year did not plan to leave fashion. You can keep it in several ways and are very practical.
Craft works
Craftwork never fades from fashion, but this year seems to be more trendy than ever. From handbags to earrings, handcrafts should not be missing on your wardrobe.