Some photos of the beach that were released last summer circulated quickly in the media. Olga Boka and her partner kissing, in a few photos of paparazzi, immediately made inquisition to the public, also for the fact that Ivi Rrokaj, her partner, is also the highly-commented son of SMI deputy, Shezai Rrokaj.

But that was not the reason Olta always kept secret of her long love relationship. We have always been careful to live every stage of it in a healthy way and without the pressure of the media, even because it wanted to respect its partner, his work, and every step of their relationship.

He has always said he is in a relationship and is happy, but only that and nothing more. However, today he could not escape from " Rudina ", where he was invited to speak about his lawyer profession, which he has been practicing for some time.

As she was confessing her passion for travel, Rudina often asked who the people who accompany her on these trips to encourage the Oltal to confess more about her "companion": " I travel with my beloved one, with me friends. Of course, most of these trips have been done with the man of the heart, but I did not want this to be mediated. It is the most enjoyable trip ... " Olta continued to skip Rudin's question. But the moderator did not give up that easy. She noticed the ring with a precious stone on the singer's finger, though she was trying to cover it from the camera.

How to justify all this public rejection of her report, Olta acknowledged that her relationship has gone to another stage. From Rudina's insistence to find out if she had received a proposal, Olta admitted that she and Ivi were engaged, but again she kept insisting on finding nothing more.

However, since the news was revealed, Rudina said she had found a picture of the couple from shared friends, surprise for the singer. Olta and Ivi, in a photo opposite the camera, unlike any other time, from a wedding, appeared today for the first time in public. However, Olta was unpopular this time and approve and embarrassed that she is her partner:

"Actually, in fact, I never wanted to use any moment and for any reason my private life. I'm sorry to be known simply as "I love Oltas or fiancé of Oltas. He does his job, dedicates himself, and has a career in what he does, so I want to keep him, but also himself from all this pressure. In the present case, I was faced with a pressure that caused me some kind of annoyance (if I would call it that), because it was a bit ugly the way it was interpreted. Every time I said I did not want to talk, the curiosity became bigger. I wish the photo could quench the curiosity of many people, but on the other hand, I wanted to enjoy the steps of this connection in a healthy way, without the outside pressure ... "

Surrendered before this photo and in front of the public, Olta said that, in fact, he would like everyone to do this at another moment. For wedding plans, it's still early: "We have no plans. Everything will come naturally ... "