With a pair of comfortable thongs, you can say "goodbye" to the lines that are created in pants (or skirts) - the ties are fantastic. Poooooorrr has something else to know about them. Some tights are surprisingly very comfortable (considering the fact that you are used to using them for a long time) but if the lines that are created from normal belts would not be the main problem then we all know that you will wear them every day.

But here's a very important question: Is it worth it? Yes, you have usually sacrificed the comfort just to avoid the lines that are created by other belts and you've endangered more than that. Are the tangos dangerous to health?

Unfortunately, the answer is not black and white. If you are prone to being affected by vaginal and / or urinary infections, tons are not the best choice. While in other cases, their use is not dangerous. However, there are some elements that can lead to greater irritation.

Experts advise that the inside should be of cotton - that is, all cotton material, not just the inside of them. All other materials are less advisable because they do not breathe, keep moisture and sweat, leading to infections.

Also, wearing thongs during the menstrual cycle may increase the risk of getting infected. However, if it pursues a strict hygiene and internal cotton ear, the risk of being infected is lower.