The most subtle faces are always the ones that exhibit stains under the influence of the sun's rays, but also the faces they have on the face. Care for stain formation should start in the winter, so that during the spring and summer season, the face will be protected from the high impact of sunlight. Creams do not always produce results, so it's best to prevent the problem early.

There are just sunlight those that create stains on the face, as you might think. Among the factors that affect the appearance of stains are also:

Start of menopause, associated with lowering the level of female hormones.

If you use contraception against pregnancy.

If you are pregnant.

Some types of antibiotics.

Perfumes with alcohol.

How do you treat them?

First mask: Every dish drank the face with lemon juice, before you sleep, and rinse the next morning.

Second mask: 1 apple grain (apple flour), 1 lemon grain and a little soda.

Grate the apple together with the lemon juice and put it on the face. Hold for about 30 minutes and then rinse your face with water, in which you shed some soda. This is a mask, which will help you greatly in the skin's radiation and its cleansing. After some use, you will see that the face is completely cleaned.

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