The rumors that he was leaving Tv Klan and the program "Not Just Fashion" in the middle of the season have been starting for several days, but today the official singer and moderator of "Not Just Fashion" formally debated. The new project that will have moderator Orinda Hutën is the International Operational Festival "Marie Kraja", which this year has its 17th edition. Among the many innovations that are expected to be discovered at this festival on April 18, 19 and 20, is the name of Orinda Huta, which this time defies itself even in a spectacle of a profile other than those she has learned to lead so far .

The news was confirmed today at "E Diell", where he was invited, the founder of this festival and the director of TOB, Zana Çela. Although the voices had started, today from the studio of "The Sun", Zana confirmed Orinda's name as moderator of this festival.

Of course, Orinda will not leave the program "Not Just Fashionable" and will not leave Tv Klan. This project will surely be forwarded to its program at Tv Klan.