We have often heard in various conversations, interesting and sincere stories about the sex or intimacy of older women. According to experts, paying attention to their stories will find some great truths that may be key to having better sex and more intimacy in your relationship.

If sex is not interesting, the two partners must work to change the situation. "It's not just your partner's job to keep things fresh, it's your responsibility, too." When things get boring inside the bedroom, it's easy to put the blame on your partner. But keeping the spark alive requires effort from both. If you actively find ways to keep things fresh, you can have real sex life and an ideal relationship in general.

Here are some stories of older women about sex and intimacy that experts say you should pay attention today.

The path to one's heart starts from the stomach
"From the beginning of humanity, food has evolved from a necessity to a bare desire for a sensual and enjoyable experience," says Dominique Karetsos, a sex expert. "So every opportunity to share a romantic meal with someone is a great precursor to the privacy of the bedroom." According to her, a romantic meal is perfect for building intimacy, because it allows you to show love, no matter what your love language is. For example, you spend time together quality, you can share the words of affirmation with a glass of wine, even cooking a meal can be a real treat and you have to evaluate it.
Do not kiss and then show
"The tale of this woman is definitely one that needs to be remembered when it comes to respecting your partner," says Karetsos. "Being positive sex does not mean you have to express your sex life, and for some people, sexual intimacy enjoys the same thing when standing between partners." To build intimacy, you need to have confidence. If you can not believe that your partner will keep your privacy private only in you, it will be difficult to have a truly intimate relationship.
Never sacrifice / hungry
Conflict with your partner is inevitable in this regard. But if you want to keep your strong connection, it is important to process your issues before returning to the night. Older women have an aspect that is very important in the food part, so do not wait another morning to solve this situation.
Sex creates intimacy
Privacy is the proximity you feel with another person. "When we have sex, our body releases various hormones, including oxytocin, which causes us to connect with one another," says Kristal Irom. "So we can go from the fairly neutral feeling for someone to join very soon if we have sex." While sex is not the only way to create intimacy, it can help increase privacy in your relationship.
Forecasting occurs outside the bedroom
These may be some small things, apparently the first when a story does not but remember that doing little things with great love is one of the biggest victories in a couple relationship. Because these things are not necessarily related to sex, because these can increase your level of feeling and intimacy before you move things to another stage.
Eye contact is the most important link
Do not be afraid to spend some precious moments with your partner, avoiding each other's eyes before going to bed and having privacy. Eye contact can help bring the relationship to another level.