Faith is a very complicated thing. Our brain takes less than a second to decide whether we can believe it or not, but if the decisions were correct, there would be no divorce, fraternity, or frauds. That is why people tend to be suspicious and do not trust anyone they meet right away. Anyway, today we will show you some tricks on how to please one's eyesight.

Tell them you like it

Have you heard about the phenomenon of "reciprocity of consent"? This refers to the tendency for people to please someone who likes them. This is because people feel warmth and support from their partner and also feel useful when others like them. So if one day you gain one's attention, show a positive attitude towards them and you will surely get back the same amount of love.

Pour your coffee

This advice may seem odd to you. Why should you leave a first impression by making a clumsy move? Many studies confirm that our weaknesses actually increase attractiveness and credibility. However, there are two important facts that you should remember: Before you tell a bad joke or make a fool, you must be sure that person can understand it.

Ask a lot of forgiveness

Another effective but often forgotten way to build trust is to say "I'm sorry". Researchers indicate that this method works for situations where you are not clear. For example: when he / she feels sad, you can express your regret and you can also tell your story. This makes them more trust in you.

Tell me a secret

Storing a secret is one of the things that are most appreciated in a relationship. When someone opens your heart to you, that means that person is believing you something important about their lives. This fact is also based on science.