Psychologists say that 40% of our actions are not deliberate decisions, but habits. What you consider to be irrelevant, make up your routine and occupy a large part of your life. They may also reveal much about your personality and mental state. Perhaps you did not mind, but the way you squeeze your toothpaste shows a lot about your personality:

1-You are a very careful and clean person. Always take care of the people near you. Be a perfectionist and you do not like to lose anything. You have worked hard to reach where you are and people always rely on you. Your home is always clean and your life is very organized.

2- You are a realistic and active person and usually, hurry up a bit. You are not a sensitive or organized person, but if you face a challenge you are able to face it. You are very sociable, have many friends and you want to always look. You know how to balance your life and feel emotionally stable.

3- You are very stubborn and you are able to do a lot to get what you want. You are a bit pessimistic and do not trust many others. You are always taught to rely on yourself. You love yourself and are a bit selfish. You often use others to achieve your goals.

4-Juve enjoys the very idea of being alone. You are a dreaming and artistic soul. Sometimes the world is just inside your head. You are sensitive, very gentle, attentive and tolerant. At the same time you are very direct and generous. You always have many thoughts and ideas and are willing to share them with others.

5- You have the opportunity to see the world in a different light from most and you are an artist in the soul. You find the beauty in every country. It may be difficult for you to be punctual and regular all the time. But you are opsist and open minded. However, you often change your mood.