This Friday, April 19, will be the Full Moon of April, also known as Moon Pink, as a pink flower.

In ancient American tribes' beliefs, April can not pass without the Full Moon, pink. In Sioux culture, this phenomenon of nature is also known as the "scourge of grass", because after the full moon, everything grew. Many other tribes and tribes have specified the Full Moon of April as one of the atmospheric phenomena that is closely related to the regeneration of life.

At the same time, April is a time when more water flows, because snow and ice are wholly blown.

But it's not just the water flowing during the Full Moon. Christians call the Easter Monday, because on the first Sunday after the Full Moon, celebrate Easter. That is why the Easter moon is also known as the Egg of Eggs.

The full moon usually brings to people a negative energy. For many, it may be a stirring of anger, nervousness, stress or chaos during the day. It can cause fatigue or other physical problems. You may have all noticed this distraction of the physical and emotional state without realizing that the effect is exactly from the full moon.

Here's what you have to do while the full moon's energy attacks you:

Accept the moonlight

Do you know that skin is good absorption of Moonlight, as it is for the sun's rays? Yes it is true. Just as it absorbs the sun's rays without saving, the skin sucks in the same way the moonlight. Just as the Sun distributes vitamin D, the Moon distributes its energy, which in nature helps to find tranquility and provides a therapeutic massage. In many luxury hotels in the world, therapeutic massages are under the moonlight because the body recovers faster.

Cut your hair

It is thought that Earth's satellite attraction has a stunning power, but it has little impact on the growth of organisms on our planet.

Many people believe that the moon's power and energy is tremendous. Farmers follow the moon's movements for their crops. Usually, when it is the full moon, they begin the cycle of plants and not just them. Even the hairdressers are following this. If you want your hair to be stronger, healthier and grow faster, then wait when the moon is full.


In Thailand, whenever it is the Full Moon, people go out and celebrate around it. They believe that the energy distributed by the moon is enormous and has an impact on their lives. Holidays under the full moonlight are commonplace elsewhere. Hair released and fun until the early hours of the morning. Like the moon's stages, man has his days with ups and downs. After all, they are all crazy like the Moon.

Play with the waves

Under the Moon's lights, serfists in many places play with the waves. Moon's energy makes the waves higher, so even on such days, for the seraphimers is the real spectacle. Many competitions take place on such nights. Or you can simply have a cocktail by the sea with friends, accompanied by sea food.

Get up on the mountain

If a part of you reside in mountainous areas, where is it better than Full moon to take a walk on the highest slopes? Calorie burning is advised such a night. All the athletes who have tried, convince that the Moon's silver rays and its energy give the energy to climb even higher and experience extraordinary adrenaline.

Tourists from all over the world seek to visit high mountainous terrains so they can enjoy and take full moon energy.