Iron is more than necessary for every person. Some of us do not enjoy it as a process, while for others it's a separate therapy: One reason to escape some things that sometimes cause nervousness in everyday life.

Anyway, nobody wants to spend too much time, so we always ask for a good performance iron and that's easy to use.

Steam iron is one of the most popular and most used prototypes in the market, which we find in every home. With the upgrading of technology, Iron with Caldera is popular, especially for large families in number or even those who want the best results in as little time. If you are looking to improve the process, from a normal steam iron to a Kettle Iron below, we list the points that make the difference:

# More steam

Unlike traditional iron, the Philips PerfectCare Heated Iron Casting has the ability and capacity to pass steam continuously penetrating, which you can even reinforce.

Factors that influence the amount of steam coming out of the iron continuously. So the higher the pressure and the output, the same amount of vapor that characterizes iron.

Philips CoolCharge Cast Iron produces 2 times more steam than standard iron, enabling ironing of a considerable amount of cloth. The power of continuous steam overcomes the piece immediately allowing it to iron the entire coating perfectly with a past in a very short time!

The reinforcement option for more steam if needed is perfect for vertical ironing of the fabric or for the most difficult wrinkles.

# A Temperature

Ordinary iron should always be graded at the desired temperature by the type of piece, while with Philips Cast Iron there is a special OptimalTEMP option which is ideal for any kind of pile.

Philips's OptimalTEMP technology is a combination of constant temperature of the iron plate and powerful steam, which guarantees the safety of non-combustion of the fabric. You can iron any kind of pile, from silk, linen, cotton to cashmere without having to adjust the temperature.

With this feature, save even more time, as you will not need to adjust the temperature continuously or wait for the iron to heat or cool.

#Lighter ironing process

Ordinary iron tends to flow water that can even wet the ironing table. Sometimes even water can be spotted from rubbish and rub the clothes you are ironing. The reservoir is usually integrated with heavily used iron, adding fatigue during the ironing process due to weight.

While the Philips PerfectCare Kettle has another design. Water is stored in a separate iron reservoir with a capacity of 2.5L, a detail that gives you the ability to iron for a long time without the need for replenishment.

All the features mentioned above make ironing almost fun! If you are looking for the best experience and no risk of damaging your clothes, choose one of the perfect Philips Hailure Fashions models. For more information click on