There are many who do not remember childhood adulthood, as well as many others who after a few years remember weaving. Elita Rudi, invited today to Peter Pan, revealed to her that she remembered a terrible event that had happened many years ago.

Peter Pan's little journalists had learned that the Elite had burnt her room. Confirming this, the well-known moderator showed that, unintentionally, from a bear whom she did not like, burned and burned her room: " I did not know I burned it all over the room. It all started from the bear I did not like anymore. I decided to put it on fire and then put it in the closet. Mom in the house felt a burning smell, but I did not think it was an arushi. As soon as the father then entered the house, he also said "something burning smell is coming". There flame flared and my room left, " Elita confessed, advising children to be cautious even in games, because little carelessness could cause horrible accidents.