The elite had become nervous because Gjiko did not "beat" to accompany him to "In the Pit of Peter Pan", but everything was well thought out of production. Gjiko was invited to be part of today's surprise. Elita came to Tirana accompanied by her mother-in-law and Gjiko, probably in Italy. After today's interview with young journalists, she also said the best words for her heart lover, her dedication and care not only to her, but also to the little Zeri, who has only a few weeks of greeting the world .

But Gjiko was all this time behind the scenes and was waiting for the moment to approach and propose again. The moderator had passed the proposal earlier, shortly before marriage, when both of them traveled to Verona, beneath the balcony of Romeo and Juliet. Where would the proposal be more meaningful than there? She said yes, no doubt.

But it did not end there ... once again, just before the wedding. He asked him to be his wife, the mother of his children. She said yes again ...

But again it did not end. Tonight, another time, in front of everyone, he was again kneeling and proposing. This time, with a slightly changed statement: "Will you be all my life with me until I get older and get up for pampers?" He said and extended another ring.

She said yes again, forever!