She might have picked a glamorous dress to light up on her great party night, as do many models, her peers, but not. Gigi Hadid chose to wear jeans and jeans for the 24th birthday. Of course, it could not have been commonplace.

Famous supermodel Gigi Hadid invited friends and family to "L'avenue" in NYC for a party and for himself chose to wear a pair of jeans. The jeans were personalized and Gigi demonstrated many times the symbol that was designed on her behalf - number 24. Levi's, the famous brand, fitted the top silhouette to the supermodel and added it to her "knee" 24, showing age.

Along with the denim suits, Gigi chose some details to complete the look, however, the eyes of everyone remained in jeans.

Such will be the jeans of this season, spring - summer 2019. Everything you have seen or will see from the footsteps, from popular fashion bloggers or even from street style. Boyfriend style, but also high-waist ones dating back to the 90's (mom's jeans) will dominate the warm season.