Easter bread prepares Easter breakfast in almost every Christian family and since it has a sweet or salty taste, it is consumed for breakfast, tasted of marmalade or even white cheese. It can be given a variety of shapes, from scratch to classic gilding. The only thing to look after is the dye that will color the Passover eggs - it must be nutritious!


1/2 kg flour type 00

5 eggs

100 gr melted butter in the microwave

100 ml of milk

150 grams of sugar

30 grams of yeast

3 eggs colored Passover


Initially, we thaw the brewer's yeast in a little hot water and then the lukewarm milk. Add a small spoon of sugar, half flour and mix well until a homogeneous mixture is formed. At this moment, the dough results a bit sticky in the hands, but it's not a problem. Allow the mass to come in a warm environment, away from the air streams (eg in the oven off) for about 2 hours or until it doubles its volume. In a large bowl, beat with the help of an electric mixer eggs with the remaining sugar, add the melted butter to the microwave and the other half of the flour. After two hours and the dough is swollen, put it together with the egg yolk, mixing it best with each other in order to form a single mass, which should result elastic and not too much thin (in this case, add some flour). We put it up again for another 2 hours. After this time, we split the dough into two pieces by forming two long belts that we interlace between them. Place between red-boiled eggs, transfer it to the pan where we cook it in advance with a little butter and flour and leave it for another hour. Let's bake in the oven at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes. /Unegatuaj.com/