Have you ever imagined taking a journey in the '40s and' 50s, navigating in the past and desperately looking for the existence of a time machine to accomplish this night's sleep? If you are still imagining how it can be realized, the answer is #andrrantren. For the realists, April 30 is the last day of the month, but for writers just as the International Jazz Day can easily be considered as a sweet escape in time, a conscious abandonment of reality to find a cheerful oasis filled with real music, cheerful atmosphere and beautiful friendships.

The day began at the not-symbolic location of the former train station at Steam 02, where the ladyship, which weighs a lot of stories, an eternity of memories and many inseparable accounts, enjoyed the stern admiration of eager travelers for the past. The journey to the past took place between floral and polka dot dresses, hereditary berets, black and white filmed hair, comfortable coral lips to dance to the modern era.

Never before had I encountered so many people determined to turn back after the history of swinging, negligent movements, jazz rhythms of rum society.

The train journey to the town of the bridges returned not only its first function as the most common transport vehicle in the 40s, but also served as a bridge between people between the two epochs and between collective memories. How many friendships are they bound to never share in the wagons? How many families were waiting for timetables at the stations to rejoin? How many others have been forgotten and wandering in the windows of the dust of time, but clean enough as the rays of the sun warm the spirit and enlighten the mind? Many other enthusiasts in the conversation have gone down the stairs all the way away, but time is a trivial circumstance when the hearts are full. How many views have been exchanged in the heart of that generous lady and how much love have been born between the ups and downs?

The soul of the singer danced with the rhythms of jazz by joining the familiar and unknown and leaving no one in his solemn stern. The spirit of the feast and the desire of hundreds to touch the magic dust of the past, where the emotions were true and the little things were the only ones that were of value. Occasionally, I was sensed that I was part of a movie played by Greta Garbo and Clark Gable, but the main actors were the brave travelers who could change the pace of the clock with the music spree. The sound of the trumpets did not stop during the entire journey and with them the passengers dancing.

Dancing on the train changed his pace completely. It was easily felt that #andrrantren flew between clouds, caresses weight, united hundreds to a reality where everything was true, music, enthusiasm, and insistence that the past spells magic.
Traveling to Shkodra had never been more beautiful. The train possessed the power to unite passengers, shorten the distances and establish a form of communication between old and new friends to the final destination, Andrà ¥ r.

In Shkodra, the sun was lying, with trumpets and saxophones ringing on it, followed by the happiest calvari ever. It was easy to read that people had forgotten time, flying under the rhythm of music, enjoying the narrow streets of Shkodra, staring at enchanted roses, and the locals inviting themselves to dancing and welcoming at the innards. Something uncommon feels in those old paths where the exchange of beautiful sensations, the good energy of the heartbuds that leaves and takes away from there. By and by, the travelers invaded the entire city, which opened the doors of the past. The Great Coffee, the historic symbol of conversation among friends, the long evenings of social life in Shkodra, came to the venue of all the music lovers who discovered a magical way to grab the 40s through music and emotions at the time of the internet.

The marathon's specialty was that the party did not end. The magnificent concert held at the Migjeni Theater was the day-night culmination. First, the special tribute of Shkodra music to the 70th jubilee anniversary of the construction of the Migjeni Theater and the conversion under the sweet jazz rhythms turn me into the melodies with which I have been accompanying myself since grandmother's grandmother. The extraordinary participation of Ray Gellato and The Good Fellas, who started performing with the famous songs "That's Love", which enslaved public love from the very beginning. The Migjeni Theater felt unstoppable dance for hours under the jazz and blues rhythms and the air was electrified.

Loudly, below are listed several reasons why no one should miss the next April 30th at this hour.

Initially, the dream train made flying in a joyous world filled with music and enthusiastic people, forgetting the drifts that make our daily life difficult.

Secondly, for jazz music fans this holiday is not the only one that unites them, but is a lifestyle. Hemingway Fun Club is the heart of jazz in the capital and the way to return to the past.

Third, if your soul belongs to the values of the past, worships music, art and literature, and you feel like a forgotten soul since the Missing Belt, thanks to this atmosphere you will find the fragrance of the home.

Time is a trivial concept for true art just as wine, just as it becomes more enjoyable.

The swing marathon, which finalized its fourth edition, was born out of the idea of the three brothers, who connect the family with the railroad, the music, the Migjeni Theater, the beautiful streets of Shkodra and the love for the people and everything beautiful.

WARNING, Beware: "Tick it on April 30th and run it on the slingshot."

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