Since the nature of Manjola's work is not closely related to live shows or concerts in the country and abroad, the time has come for the famous singer of the scene to organize a recital with her best repertoire, from the first songs of the 1990s to today, when the artist counts for 30 years of career: "I decided on a beautiful summer day, I said why not make a concert? I think the repertoire is ripe. Since I work at the Academy of Arts and do not give concerts live in the city, a moment has come to make a concert with my repertoire, it's another communication with the public. "

May 16 is just a few days away and Manjola has almost everything ready for the concert titled "A Life With You". The scene of the Orthodox Cathedral in Tirana for several days is full of artists and musicians who are looking forward to missing the Manjola Concert.

However, the singer himself is dealing with everything from repertoire to the smallest things on the scene, tickets and places where the guests will sit. But he is very happy to finally get together all the elements that need a recital of this magnitude.

Invited tonight at "Rudina" at Tv Klan, Manjola revealed many details from the concert. Together with an orchestra of professionals and its leader, Elton Deda, the singer said she will bring to her all her music lovers many popular songs of her repertoire, but also some new creations, which she has in collaboration with her old colleagues and friends.

"The concert is conceived to have some of my most popular songs over the years, there will be new music, folk songs and 2-3 operatic material.It will be a diversified concert.I tried to work with those I consider The concerts will be all live with the accompaniment of some of the best Albanian musicians, under the direction of Elton Deda. Some of the best Albanian music singers, who are precious friends of life will be invited like Eli Fara, Aurela Gace, Kastriot Tusha, Shkëlzen Jetishi, pianist Egland Hasa, and there will also be moments of humor from my former Rezart Veleshnja student, " said Manjola.

Surprise for the public will be some new creations, as well as a collaboration with her two friends, Aurela Gaçe and Eli Fara. As the singer, Aurela and Elin, the singer did not have the chance to co-operate earlier, so this concert will mark a very beautiful memory and an unusual collaboration for all three of the well known scene artists.