Dream hair combines some of the human virtues and powers, such as the dreamer's physical and mental health, energy, vitality, well-being, and strength. The qualities associated with being known, among others, the social role and personal power. In women, they correspond to the beauty and the ability to lure.

The dream of combing hair

Since ancient times, hair symbolization has always been very powerful. They symbolize virtues, powers, human powers. Thick hair is a sign of strength, health and energy. The dream of combing hair shows the dreamer's attempt to put his thoughts in order and give a correct direction to his actions which he thinks he wants to dominate and not suffer by exercising his management skills and control.

Dreaming of hair in the mouth

This kind of dream is an image that highlights a concrete obstacle to the realization of individual potential, perhaps a self-created obstacle. Also, the dreaming of the hair in the mouth proves a period of human life when the protagonist holds something under his or her own, as a thought, anxiety, that we must bring out.

Hair washing in the dream

This shows the need to update the ideas, thoughts and decisions of the past. The image of dreaming of hair washing underlines that the person is undergoing a period of transformation and change in which he puts thoughts into an outdated state. The need to ease and purge themselves from the old thinking patterns and the negative external influences starts with self-care in a more diverse and renewed way.

Dreaming of haircut

A new cut corresponds to a new image! This is also the symbolism of the dream, or the need for a change, rejuvenation, to experiment with new roles and situations.