Today is the Night of Honor and according to the Islamic religion, fasting on this day is considered worthy of a thousand months. For this reason, there are countless people who fast today, far more than those who fast during the month of Ramadan.

The Night of Qadr marks the downfall of the Qur'an on earth and the beginning of the scripture's writing. According to the clergy, fasting and prayers to God on this day determine the destiny and the life of man during a year. Muslims are thought to be thousands, not just Muslim believers, who fast on the Day of Qadr.

What to eat tonight?

The Night of Qadr is a special night for all those who seek it and seek to benefit from its benevolence. This is the night of worship, obedience to the Lord, prayer, reading, remembrance, prayer, sadaqah, good work etc.

Tonight Iftar starts at 8 and 15 minutes. With regard to the foods you should consume this night, there are some features.

1. Begin the iftar with Arabia dates. Not only are they symbols throughout the Ramadan period, but are also the kind of food that creates the feeling of satiety. They do not contain much sugar, but they have a sugar that does not make the stomach and makes it easier to accept foods. There are 260 viariete palm fruits, from which the soft and the wet ones prefer.

2. After drinking the palm tree, a glass of water is recommended. The reason here is very simple. Since 70 percent of the body consists of water, this body need is among the first. Water is consumed immediately after completing the percentage of body after long absence. It is said that water is immediately served with the idea of veins of veins.

3. Other light foods (various soups, salads), but to the extent that it is consumed 2/3 of the stomach, because 1/3 of it should be empty. Never during over iftar is overweight, because it is harmful to the stomach.

4. Cooking a traditional sorrow, which is usually hallowed. Sweets, but also fruits, are advised to be consumed no more than an hour after dinner so that the stomach does not overload. Tonight, sweets and fruits are advised to consume after 9:30 - 10:00.