Never and ever more than in pictures of birth is not true the expression "a picture is worth thousands of words". Strong emotions, joy, fatigue, anxiety and many other feelings are also expressed in this stunning picture.

Shortly after his wife Anne bore twins, photographer Marek Dziekonski shot this picture showing every mother's emotion in a single frame.

Ever since facial expression, pain and sorrow, hairy hair and every frozen detail in this picture with two newborns, has been conveyed to the public with almost the same emotion as Anne, regardless of whether you were born or not. And for Anne's fate, this special moment was recorded by her husband.

The parents of two boys, Domnik and Leo, were also happy with the twins before another twin pregnancy, which, unfortunately, went to abortion. Later, when Anne was pregnant with twins, Ian and Lucy, who are now 8 months old, did not notice how big her belly was in the 18th week of pregnancy because Anne was happy to have had a healthy pregnancy. When they realized they were expecting two small ones, the mother was really shocked.

"In fact, a few days before I learned that I was a twin, I was telling my friends how they met mothers with twins pregnancy because I had my big belly even though I was in the 18th week ... After the abortion, the Lord had made a wonderful plan that none of us had imagined. Above all, we were becoming twin parents.

Marek, who has previously taken wedding photographs, and now in the most commercial photo, rarely realizes photographs of his family life, except for pictures of the birth. The father of four children says Anne has made pictures right after the birth.

"The first time Anne saw her babies was one of the happiest and most impressive moments of life, but it was also very important for me to capture this very moment," Marek told the photo.

Anne brought to life Ian and Lucy after about an hour of effort and said that this photo flipped up after birth expresses one of the happiest moments of her life: "As I held them in their arms, nothing else mattered. They were mine, and at that moment I could not imagine even one day without them.