Although he has taken a break from television, Albana Osmani seems to have accompanied us all her life with her programs at Top Channel. It does not look like this, since it has on television no less than 17 years. You remember when he was a short-haired blond out on the streets of Tirana to make the empire "Cupid". How many hearts joined because of that playful, nimble, and very sympathetic girl. Some may not remember, but Albana has taken care of himself to remind you.

A few minutes ago she posted a card 17 years ago when she started her career as a Top Channel presenter. With short hair, but with the same sweet smile and striking look as today.

"I feel like today even though they have spent 17 years, what did Oprah Winfrey do in life?" He realized every dream of his class and dignity, so blessed and so happy, thanks to the best public in the world, "wrote Albana.

With him we became nostalgic too!