In addition to specific cases, usually breastfeeding begins to grow at the beginning of puberty, between the ages of 10 and 13 years. Growth could then continue in the next few years, up to 18-19 years, a period that marks the boundary of genetics. Naturally, in this period, the changes vary greatly depending on the girls, especially when the latter experience hormonal changes.

After the age of 19, there are no major changes in breast size, although there may be some factors contributing to its growth or reduction such as: pregnancy; breastfeeding; weakness; sound; various hormonal pathologies; age, etc.

Let's remember here that the breasts have two main components:

1-Glands are those that grow throughout the puberty phase and are dominant even during the youth years and are then reduced to menopause

2-fat, a dominant factor especially for women in the age, who potentially increases throughout life, depending on the pounds and physical changes in a woman's body. This is also one of the reasons why breast ultrasound is preferred to become young at age, while mammography is older. The first technique makes it easier to visualize any abnormal measurements in the breast context, while the second allows more visualization of an abnormal mass in a more painful context.

But beyond that you have already learned ... after the age of 19 do not pretend to have your daughter's breast augmentation!